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Bids and Contracts

The Eugene Water & Electric Board has many business needs as we operate a complex utility that includes construction, customer service, maintenance and other activities. We provide website information about current contracts, such as bid solicitations, quotes and results, instructions for downloading various bidding and contracting documents, and other information.

We are Oregon's largest municipal utility and provide electricity, water and telecommunications to our customers. Contracting opportunities include construction, engineering consulting and other personal services, trade services, and the purchase of goods and equipment. This site was developed to provide potential suppliers, contractors and consultants access to the utility's formal solicitation documents and related information.

As a public entity chartered by the City of Eugene, EWEB is governed by Oregon public purchasing and contracting laws, and EWEB Board-adopted rules. (See link below for access.) As a potential bidder/proposer, please ensure you thoroughly read the solicitation documents, familiarize yourself with the requirements of the solicitation process, and make all necessary inquiries to ensure that your efforts will result in legally compliant and materially responsive submittals.

Thank you for your interest in working with us to provide the most advantageous and economical goods and services, and in turn, helping us to provide vital services to our customers.  

EWEB is currently posting solicitations on OregonBuys

EWEB is posting all of our solicitations on To view EWEB bids, choose advanced and type "EWEB" in the Organization name.

For help in viewing our solicitations on the OregonBuys site, please contact the EWEB Purchasing Office at 541-685-7500.

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It's important that you have easy access to our policies, procedures, fees, charges and rates for electricity, water and other services.