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Landowner Assistance Programs


If you have questions about whether you qualify for one of our programs, please email us or call 541-685-7088.

We recognize and appreciate the important role upstream landowners in the McKenzie Watershed play in the stewardship of the McKenzie River. Our drinking water source protection program offers several options designed to assist McKenzie landowners in protecting the water quality of the McKenzie River. We're also offering special programs for landowners rebuilding after the Holiday Farm Fire.

If you have been affected by the Holiday Farm Fire and looking for assistance, please visit our resources and support page

Septic Repair and Replacement Grants (for Holiday Farm Fire properties)
Septic Maintenance Incentive
Septic and Infrastructure Loan
Septic System Boundary Map
Pure Water Partners
Healthy Farms Clean Water

More about our drinking water

Your drinking water quality
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Access to clean water is vital to our community. That is why we work hard to deliver water that meets or exceeds all state and federal health standards.

Water Reliablity Projects
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We're making investments to prepare, replace and maintain our community's water system.