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How to save water every day.

You use water every day to perform tasks, make healthy meals and satisfy your thirst. In the summer, you use water to keep your garden green and flowers blooming. But there are also ways you can conserve this precious resource.

These tips can help you squeeze the most value from the water you buy.
Save water in your home

These tips can help you squeeze the most value from the water you buy for household use: 

  • Are you curious about how much water a typical home needs? Check out this simple worksheet to help you learn your water budget and compare to your monthly bill.

  • Track down sneaky leaks to save water for more useful tasks.

  • An older toilet could be the largest water use in your home. Consider buying a new, performance-tested WaterSense-labeled toilet to save water with every flush. To qualify for a rebate, new toilets must be 1.0 gallon per flush or less models. 

  • Calculate appoximately how much water you use each day. The Water Use Calculator from Alliance for Water Efficiency shows you which water uses in your home are efficient and which are not, and gives simple conservation tips.

Use water wisely outdoors

If you water your yard, you probably see a significant increase in your summer water bills. Take these simple steps to make the most of every gallon you buy without changing your lifestyle:

  • Use timers to give your yard and garden just the right amount to drink. 

  • The typical underground lawn sprinkler system uses about 12 gallons a minute. Most yards are watered for about 75 minutes (900 gallons) each time the program is set to run. Make every minute count. The Weekly Watering Recommendations explain how much water is needed to keep plants healthy all season.

  • Mulch your shrubs and flowers to keep water in the root zone.

  • Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation on your shrubs, flowers and in your vegetable garden.