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Carbon Forestry Lab


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As an EWEB customer, you’re already using clean, renewable energy and investing in McKenzie Watershed protection. But together we can do more.

Climate solutions require innovation. The Carbon Forest Lab is an opportunity to invest in local carbon forestry projects aimed at expanding our understanding of natural climate solutions and enhancing the McKenzie Watershed.

The project seeks to answer a few core questions:

  • What kinds of plants and trees sequester the most carbon?
  • How can we maximize carbon sequestration in the soil to ensure long term capture that is impervious to wildfire?
  • What is the best planting method for long-term planting success?
  • How do we balance the benefit of more trees with the risk of wildfire?

By helping answer these research questions, your investment of $6.50-$8.50 per month allows climate scientists to focus on the solutions needed to bring about transformational change.